About Us

One of South Africa’s Leading Independent Brokers.

We have served both small and medium-sized business owners since before 2001.

We offer the full spectrum of insurance products, as well as a suite of financial services.

Silberg Brokers is the trusted partner of employers, medical schemes, pension funds, employees and retirees.
We provide clients with unbiased and professional advice on the provision and management of employee
medical, life and disability insurance, and retirement solutions.

We have a team of qualified staff members, boasting years of experience in the insurance industry.

Although we’re a large brokerage, we strive to maintain the personal touch for which we’re well known, tailor-
making insurance and financial solutions to our clients’ unique needs.

Our approach is to help clients take a holistic view of their employee benefits programme to ensure the
‘common contract’ between the employer and the employee encourages greater productivity and loyalty,
whilst at the same time protecting the future financial security of the business.

Our clients deal with us on a first name basis and, because of the long-term relationships we have with them,
they enjoy professional, efficient service from us.

Our role as a financial adviser is to help you make the right decisions about money – to take you from where
you are today to where you want to be in the future. Silberg Brokers has a reputation for building enduring
long-term relationships with our clients and assisting them in achieving financial independence.

Silberg Brokers is an Authorised Financial Service Provider 3006

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